Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences

A way to impact radiation protection culture is by establishing adequate and proper communication processes among all the actors involved in radiation protection applications.

In this context, the BJRS as an open access journal, supported by the Brazilian Radiation Protection Society - SBPR, an IRPA associate society, aims to disseminate scientific articles on the major disciplines on radiation sciences, including:

  • Biological and Health Effects of Radiation,
  • Radiation Protection of Patients, Workers, and Members of the Public,
  • Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry,
  • International Recommendations and Regulations,
  • Protection of the Environment,
  • Education and Training,
  • Technology and Development,
  • Communication with Society,
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Involvement,
  • Safety Culture and Risk Perception,
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response,
  • Radioactive Waste Management,
  • Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials,
  • Nuclear Safety, Safeguards and Security of Radioactive Material and
  • Nuclear Legislation.

Focus and Scope

First, to serve researchers through the immediate publication of important advances in all fields of science, as well as to promote a forum for discussion and to disclose issues referent to science.

Second, ensure that the results from scientific jobs are quickly disseminated to the public at large in such a way as to express their importance to knowledge, culture, and daily life.

Any work that meets the aforementioned requirements and that has not been published or accepted for publication elsewhere will be considered for publication in the Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences.

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