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Author Guidelines

The articles must be prepared according to the model of the attached example article (CLICK HERE)


Upon sending the article, the authors must:

  1. Natural radiation, NORM and TENORM;
  2. Biological and health effects of ionizing radiation;
  3. Education and training in Radioprotection (RP);
  4. Technology and developments in RP;
  5. Nuclear Law, international recommendations and regulations;
  6. Radiation protection of patients, workers, members of the public, and the environment;
    1. Patient Radiation Protection;
    2. Radiation protection of workers and members of the public: Medicine;
    3. Radiation protection: Industry and Research;
    4. Environmental Protection against Radiology;
  7. Safety Culture and Risk Perception;
  8. Communication with society – Stakeholder engagement and involvement;
  9. Transport of radioactive material;
  10. Emergency preparedness and response;
  11. Nuclear Safety;
  12. Radioactive waste management and decommissioning;
  13. Use of radioactive sources. Methodologies for their control;
  14. New challenges in RP;
  15. Measurements and dosimetry;
  16. Non-Ionising Radiation;
  17. Safeguards and Security of radioactive material.


Recommend three possible names as article reviewers (complete name, e-mail, and institution in which the person works).


Submission Preparation Checklist

As part of the submission process, authors are required to check off their submission's compliance with all of the following items, and submissions may be returned to authors that do not adhere to these guidelines.

  1. The contribution is original and unpublished, and is not under review for publication at any other journal; in cases to the contrary, this fact should be justified in “Comments to the editor”.
  2. The submitted file must be in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, or RTF.
  3. URLs for references were informed when possible.

    The articles must be prepared according to the model from the attached sample article:


  4. The text must follow the stylistic patterns and bibliographic requirements described in Guidelines for Authors found on the ‘About the Journal’ page

  5. In the case of submissions to a peer review section (ex.: articles), the instructions available at Guaranteeing blinded peer review were followed.

Copyright Notice

I hereby declare the present article is original and has not been submitted for publication to any other national or international journal, whether in part or in full. I also declare that, once published in the Brazilian Journal of Radiation Sciences, edited by the Brazilian Society of Radiological Protection, the same article will not be submitted by me or by any of the other co-authors to any other journal. By means of this instrument, in my name and in the name of the other co-authors, when applicable, I do hereby cede all copyrights of the referred article to the Brazilian Society of Radiological Protection, who is hereby authorized to publish it in print, digital, or any other existing form, with no financial compensation paid to the authors. As these articles will appear in this open access journal, they can be used free of charge, with their own attributions, in educational and non-commercial applications.


Privacy Statement

This journal offers free and immediate access to its contents, following the principle that making scientific knowledge available to the general public at no cost will foster a broader sense of the global democratization of knowledge.


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